That's what it's about!


Have a look at our exciting programme. All specialist given in this agreed to come to Berlin. Everybody is looking forward to a conference with new topics, new informations.

As a part of the programme we offer a poster session. We are glad to await your applications before April 1, 2018. All selected researchers will have an elevator pitch time of 3 to 5 minutes to introduce their work for the entire audience. After the pitches, there will be time scheduled to have one-to-one or small group discussions in front of the posters.

For the first time children's and adults special problems in cystinosis will be seen from different medical points of view. Cystinosis in adolescents and adults is the upcoming field of research – new and earlier possibilities for diagnose and treatment, better health care pathways are other important topics to be discussed. 


The sooner you register the better. We will have simultaneous translators for German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian.


For children

Childcare (multi-lingual);
Small outings;
Play and learn about cystinosis

For adolescents

Training self-confidence;  


Conversations without parents about problems with oneself and others;

Possibly some evening programme

For adults

Workshop to specific problems with cystinosis in adults; 
Evening programme

For parents

Workshop for "new" parents;

and for experienced parents;
Exchange, evening and other activities when wanted

For scientists
and clinicians

Exchange and network;
meet your colleagues as well as your patients;

present your latest findings